Rules For Peace

The following are 31 Rules for Peace presented by Pastor Dave Chanski at the 2014 Trinity Pastor’s Conference:

1. I will aim to never cause or create sinful divisions among God’s people.

2. I will mortify the sins that tend to result in division and disunity.
a. Pride
b. Self-love
c. Touchiness
d. Anger and bitterness
e. Paronoia/assuming evil
f. Rigidity
g. Rashness
h. Willfulness
I. Inconsistency; carelessness in keeping a clear conscience
j. Jealousy and envy
K. Covetousness
l. Contentiousness
m. Gossip

3. I will be reluctant to believe a negative report about a brother.

4. I will not judge a brother guilty until I know the facts.

5. I will cover as many sins as I can with a blanket of love.

6. I will deal with people with patience and gentleness, including when they have sinned.

7. I will seek to win an offending brother through openly, lovingly and faithfully addressing or confronting him.

8. I will speak to him directly and not take liberty to slander him or gossip about him.

9. I will keep offenses contained as much as possible and for as long as possible.

10. I will enlist the assistance of others when necessary to bring repentance and maintain peace.

11. I will not be a gossip or a talebearer.

12. I will not tolerate talebearers.

13. I will be a good friend.

14. I will be open and honest in my relationships and communications.

15. I will not be a ‘contentious’ person

16. I will not be defensive.

17. I will always speak the truth.

18. I will receive people who come to me with complaints.

19. I will make the reslution of contentions a matter of first importance.

20. I will not be afraid to be a peacemaker.

21. I will take the initiative to keep and make peace.

22. I will make serious efforts to keep and make peace.

23. I will not contend or strive without a cause.

24. I will not return evil for evil.

25. I will not separate myself.

26. I will seek from God the needed wisdom and discernment to know when and how to stand up to defend myself or another, and the love and courage to do it-with the grace to do it righteously.

27. If I have become involved in a dispute, I will seek wisdom from God to know how and when to end it.

28. I will follow through to real resolution, if it is possible.

29. I will not direct, oversee, advise or assist in planting churches if it will in any way be construed as divisive by like-minded churches in the area.

30. I will pray for peace.

31. I will be patient and content.


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