Retrospective on a Controversy.

Today marks the anniversary of the day three years ago when I began this blog. I realize that in recent days the level of production of new blogs has slowed down considerably. I am not sure what need there is today for the publication of my thoughts since the controversy that began this blog has simmered down as well. I believed on March 17,2014 that it was imperative that my thoughts on the sad attempt by two misguided Reformed Baptist pastors to publicly diminish the reputation of a group of faithful gospel men be made available to counter the lies and distortions that at that time were being published in that strangely titled book called Holding Communion Together. At this third Anniversary of my involvement with this matter I desire to say a few things in retrospect.

  1. It is well worth any loss that might result to act in accordance with a Biblically  enlightened conscience. A great many people used many arguments seeking to persuade me to just keep quiet. I acknowledge that would have been an easier path but in my estimation not the right one. I am saddened by the loss of friends and associates but am more convinced than ever that you simply cannot play to the crowd and continue to know the smile of our Father in heaven. He must be the audience we play every act of our lives before as he will be the only critic whose opinion really counts.
  2. I am glad to have had the opportunity to bring some measure of solace and even joy to the hearts of some of the brethren who have been grieved over and over again by the unjust attacks made against their Pastors by men who have spent altogether too many years in the grip of malice and bitterness. Predictably my words did nothing to mollify the wrath of these men but it was not ultimately for their sakes that I wrote. They can think of me what they want as I remain prayerfully desirous of a future reconciliation should God grant to them repentance.
  3. I stand amazed at the unveiling of the providence that brought about a surprising and unexpected removal from the marketplace of the offensive book. It is distressing that this did not happen as the result of the clear repudiation of the facts of the book found on this blog and the other places such as the testimony of Dr Robert Martin and his brother Lamar. It had to take the public disclosure of the secret sins of one of its authors to bring about that result. I still find it shameful that so many pastors of Reformed Baptist churches could rejoice in the publication of unfounded and unverified reports of sins allegedly committed by churches and church leaders they knew nothing about while covering much greater sins they knew had taken place right under their own noses. God truly is the great revealer of the secrets of men.
  4. It is my earnest hope that in the future the Lord will bless us with the humility and love to work as hard at the maintaining of the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace as we have at the business of attacking and devouring one another. How unlike the spirit of the gospel we preach, the blessings we proclaim, the fellowship we advocate has been the actions we have both committed and tolerated. I sincerely hope the next three years might unfold a happier story as we all learn from these tragic mistakes and begin afresh to seek the companionship of our heavenly father, conformity to our Lord Jesus Christ and the comforts of the Holy Spirit. May God convince us by the pain and sorrow of controversy that there is a better way and may we gain wisdom and maturity as in that way together we walk.

One thought on “Retrospective on a Controversy.

  1. AchreiosDoulos says:

    For all it’s worth, thank you for writing. It was only online where I got acquainted with the preaching of one of those faithful gospel men whom you pertain. By God’s grace I recognized right away that his was biblical preaching, clear as clear can be, coming from a man who loves the Lord and jealously loves His Church..

    I sought to find out who this man was, to find out if his life and testimony backs his preaching; but I got hurt and discouraged reading about the accusations rallied against him. God’s providence, however, led me to heart-warming, first-hand testimonies on his character and grace, most helpfully your peaceable treatment of the matter.

    I am now utterly convinced that he is far from the caricatured tyrant he’s accused to be–and with good conscience I joyfully continue to profit from his preaching. Again, thank you.

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